Tuesday, April 6, 2010


hey so i went do to huntington where my grandpa lives !!! it takes 2 hours to get there when we finally got to his house it was 10 and i went to sleep i woke up feeling amazing and i had breakfeast and then we went out to the desert and when we got far into the desert i DROVE 50 miles and i did amazing ha ha it was so much fum we stayed out there for about 2 hours then we went to rent some movies we watched the cleaner its a pretty good show not my favoite then i fell asleep the second day i got up had breakfest that day we kinda just layed around but me and my uncles we were playing along and my uncle duck taped me it hurt so bad to get taken off !!! then we went on a four wheeler ride i rode for about 2 hours! then i went to bed ! third day we got up eat toast and eggs that day we were heading home and when i got home i ran to my mom and gave her i great big huge becuse it has been 1 year sence my dad has passed so we went out to lunch i got the blt it was so g00d and then we went to clash of the titans !!! then i went to the cematary

Monday, February 1, 2010


i was so exicted for christ mas i couldnt even wait so i fall asleep and i woke up really early and i woke up my mom anfd kolby and they were not happy to get up so early ! i ran down stairs and muy mom saisd wait cause kolby was still in the bathroom so we waited and right when he got out i ran and i looked and there was all my presents i loved them if i were to go down the list wow i couldnt i got so much ! so we finshed that and tryed on all of are clothes we went to have breakfast at a friends house got back the hole family was there and i went in and everyone said HI KILEY and guess what i had more presents and one was from my grandma alice and it was a pink lovly ipod i was so happy ! then my grandpa and dylan came down and we went to go see avatar i really liked that movie then we came home and chelsea and caitlyn where there wait caitlyn came to see the movie with us and then everyone left and me kolby played the wii and had a all nighter well kolby and caitlyn did put i cant stay up for one and then we woke up and that was my christmas i loved it well good night love you !~!!!!!!!!!!!

Disney Land

so i went to disney land a while ago and we went with cassie and her family and my mommy it was her first time going i was so exited about my mom going!we got on the plan and i was so nervouse because it was my first time on a plan so i was ok i got a little plan sick on the way down but i was fine so we landed and we drove for like 30 mins and we got checked in to are hotel and we got up to are room and went to sleep we woke up and got ready if you want to know more text me !!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


hey guys i havent posted forever but anyways. my mom got back from florida nine days it was a long nine days i missed her so much but i had fun why she was gone first day that she left we layed around the house and then we got ready i had knots in my stomch cause i didnt want her to leave but we got readsy and then went to drop all my stuff at my grandmas house and then me and my mom webt to get a shake and i loved mine and then we went back to my grandmas house and i went inside and said hi and then i went to say goodbye to my mom

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

swine flu

hey guys i cant believe how fast this thing is going around k i know three people have it. its crazy we need to be careful where we go and everything

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i broke my ankel

hi guys i broke my ankle and my mom was in mexico when this happend i was with my grandma and i was roller skating and i fall wrong on it and i broke it i had my frind kaley her brother had to come and carry me up the stairs and we went to the emergency room and we had to give them all the informatin and then i went to go have x araz and they came in and told me i broke it and the gave me a cast and so at the lagoon i had a broken ankle and i couldnt really swim so that is most of my summer .

happy birthday bro

it was my brothers birthday and we were going to go to the lagoon the day it was his birthday but it was raining so we had to wait in tell friday and it was the perfect weather and it was so fun me ,jauntae,kolby,chandler,chelsea,kevin,and my mom it was so fun me and jauntae ran off doing are thing by the time we got back it was time to go swimming and have fun and so we stayed there intell it closed but that was are day at the lagoon it was so fun .